Workshop at Matforsk, Ås, Norway
13th-14th May 2004
Design of Experiments – Benefits to Industry

Coorganised by Pro-ENBIS WP1 and IBION Industrial Biostatistics Network (Norway)*

To existing and new users of applied statistics in industry: The aim of this workshop is to let experienced and enthusiastic people inspire you to conduct more efficient experiments and overcome common challenges of statistics in practice. Day 1 is targeted at industrial practitioners, while day 2 is a research oriented seminar. You may register for one of the days or both.

Program and organising committee:

Prof. Henry WynnLondon School of Economics
Prof. Tormod NæsUniversity of Oslo/ IBION
Prof. Are AastveitAgricultural University of Norway / IBION
Asc. Prof. John TyssedalNTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Dr. Øyvind LangsrudMatforsk, Norwegian Food Research Institute
Frøydis BjerkeMatforsk, Norwegian Food Research Institute

Now that this workshop has taken place, the programme, presentations and other details of this workshop may be found in the Workshop Results section, workshop 1.8 (members only).

We invite you to contribute to this workshop. Two or three contributed papers will be accepted. Please submit a title and a short abstract to Frøydis Bjerke ( not later than the 26th March 2004.

The deadline for registration is 7th May 2004.

For more information on the programme, please see the current Titles and Abstracts in the first instance or Frøydis Bjerke (

Costs for the Workshop are shown below.

For information on registration, accomodation, and travelling, please contact Lily Rømcke (, Tel +47 6497 0100, Fax +47 6497 0333.   Registrations for the conference itself can be sent by fax or e-mail using this form.   Some rooms are reserved at the Reenskaug Hotel, Drøbak (which has a bus connection to Matforsk).   Alternative hotels in Oslo (with a train connection) are suggested on the same form.   In all cases, please contact the hotel directly.

An Airport coach (marked "Fredrikstad") leave OSL Gardermoen Airport hourly, e.g. at 8.10 and 9.10. The trip to Ås ("Korsegården" stop) takes 60 min. The return to OSL Gardermoen Airport is also hourly, e.g. 15.35 and 16.35.

Proposed Schedule of Events:

Thursday May 13th
10.15 - 16.15
Workshop - Benefits to Industry
Industrial representatives are invited to share their experiences in DoE

Friday May 14th
9.15 - 15.00
Statistics Seminar:
Recent Research Developments in DoE for process and product improvement.


Costs (€)

Day Event Catering Pro-ENBIS
2Seminar20Free 55
BothSeminar & Workshop40Free120

Dinner on 13th May will be around €45-55

* Industrial Biostatistics Network (IBION): Efficient use of raw materials in industry

The main objective is to develop and implement methodology for handling unwanted raw material variation in order to improve end product stability and to reduce waste. Main topics, statistical and chemometric methodology, are strongly related to spectroscopy, food science and cybernetics.

The project is financed by the five industrial partners and by The Research Council of Norway (NFR). Total budget about 5 million €. Period: July 1, 2001 - July 1, 2005.