About Pro-ENBIS

PRO-ENBIS has been supported by funding under the European Commission's 5th Framework 'Growth' Programme via the Thematic Network "Pro-Enbis" contract number G6RT-CT-2001-05059.

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Pro-ENBIS is a thematic network contracted for three years by the European Commission.

Its mission is
"to promote the widespread use of sound science driven, applied statistical methods in European business and industry."

Thematic network
The Thematic Network is intended to develop partnerships within Europe to support selected projects at the forefront of industrial and business statistics. One of the major benefits of the network will be in what it facilitates rather than in what it provides. The network has entered into a contract with the European Union. Consequently, the EU provides funding to the network to achieve specific outcomes.

Ten European institutes have committed themselves to a work plan for three years. These institutes are the co-ordinator and the nine principal contractors. They are assisted by more than 20 partners, the members.

The contractors are responsible for a number of accomplishments, which have to be carried out in three years. These deliverables relate to the network’s aim to provide a forum for the dissemination of industrial statistical methodology within Europe. Typical deliverables are workshops, papers in scientific journals and industrial visits. The deliverables are grouped around 8 statistical themes, the workpackages.

The network is funded by the EU. In total, 793 000 Euros were made available.

The idea behind Pro-ENBIS is that it provides a structure that facilitates the achievement of many objectives of ENBIS. Pro-ENBIS draws on the expertise of the membership of ENBIS.

Future plans
Pro-ENBIS will attempt to form the basis of an EC funded 6th Framework Network of Excellence.