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There are nine main contractors, other than the coordinator.

EURANDOM IBIS UvA Instituto Superior Tecnico
Greenfield Consultants MATFORSK Warwick University
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya IMPRO University of Ljubljana


Country: The Netherlands
Contact: Henry Wynn, Wim Senden, Alessandro Di Bucchianico

EURANDOM is a research institute for the study of stochastic phenomena. It specialises in research into all areas of 'nondeterministic' mathematics (probability theory, mathematical statistics and the stochastics part of operations research) and associated applications.


Country: The Netherlands
Contact: Ronald Does

The Institute for Business and Industrial Statistics is a company linked to the University of Amsterdam (UvA) that operates in the field of statistical consultancy. With quantitative methods such as Six Sigma we support our customers in improving the quality of their products. Due to the scientific research done by all our employees we make sure that our methods are state of the art.

Instituto Superior Tecnico

Country: Portugal
Contact: Maria Ramalhoto

The "Instituto Superior Tecnico" (IST) is one School of the Technical University of Lisbon, see for details. Five years Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Biomedicine, Physics and Management, undergraduate degrees, Master's and Ph.D. degrees. There are several European Union research projects approved, and several post-doctoral people from abroad. At the Institute we are promoting transdisciplinarity and interaction among different Departments and Research Units, see for details. The research unit UETN is a transdisciplinary research Unit consisting of three Research Lines, see for details. The Research Line-3 deals with Stochastic Modelling and Statistics for Queueing Systems, Reliability, Maintenance and Quality Improvement and Innovation.

Greenfield Consultants

Greenfield Research

Country: United Kingdom
Contact: Tony Greenfield

Greenfield Research exists to promote the widespread use of sound science-driven computing and statistical methods in business and industrial management with a view to improving the quality and performance of your products and processes and hence to increasing and sustaining your profits.
Greenfield Research provide consultancy and courses and software for:
- statistical process control in manufacturing and service industries
- design and analysis of experiments
- data analysis and interpretation
- industrial process studies, including mathematical modelling, statistical analysis and simulation


Norwegian Food Research Institute

Country: Norway
Contacts: Øyvind Langsrud, Frøydis Bjerke.

The primary goal of MATFORSK (Norwegian Food Research Institute) is to contribute to increased profitability in the food industry through food research and development at an internationally recognised level. At MATFORSK, statistics/chemometrics is a major research activity.

Warwick University

Risk Initiative and Statistical Consultancy Unit, Department of Statistics (RISCU)

Country: United Kingdom
Contacts: Henry Wynn, Rob Deardon

RISCU, directed by Professor Henry Wynn, has a strong tradition of industrial partnerships, particularly with manufacturing engineering. We have strong research record in many areas such as experimental design, process control and risk, and also perform statistical consultancy for a varied range of industrial clients.

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Country: Spain
website: (stat. dept.) and
Contacts: Xavier Tort, Pere Grima, Albert Prat, Josep Ginebra, Lluis Marco
Key words: DOE, Six Sigma, Forecasting, SPC

Description: Training at all levels. Undergraduates, graduates and business (both open enrolment and "in house"). Consulting on statistical methods and quality improvement. Research in DOE and forecasting.


Country: Norway
Contact: Øystein Evandt

The working area of ImPro is consulting and advisory services within the area of quality improvement, with special emphasis on statistical methods. The target group is as well production companies as trade/service companies. Arrangement of courses internally in companies and open courses is part of the activities, also with externally hired conductors. Areas of work include monitoring and improvement of production processes by means of SPC (Statistical Process Control), development and improvement of products and processes by means of DOE (Design of Experiments), evaluation and development of measurement systems, and data analysis in general, including graphical methods.

University of Ljubljana

Statistical Institute at the Faculty of Economics (SIEF)

Country: Slovenia
website: (SIEF), (University of Ljubljana)
Contact: Irena Ograjensek
Key words: business statistics, data mining, measurement of service quality, measurement of customer satisfaction

SIEF contributes to development and quality improvements in the field of business and economic statistics as well as in other related fields of statistics and quantitative research applicable to business sciences and economics.