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Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) Sindahl (BSC) Eötvös Loránd Ricardo
Wurzburg Torino (DSPEA) Good Decision (GDL) UNICAN
CNR-IMATI Chalmers Univ VTT Finland Bologna
UniBW NTNU Tech Univ Denmark (DTU) UNDPA
KPA ASDM Athens  

University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC)

Location: Spain
Contacts: David Rios Insua, Jorge Muruzábal
Key words: Decision Theory, Simulation, Bayesian Learning, Machine Learning, Data Mining
Primary workpackages: WP2, WP3

We are mainly interested in the solution of complex inference and decision making problems, providing innovative solutions in areas like forecasting, decision modeling, optimization, simulation,... usually leading to Decision Support Systems. We are specially interested in Bayesian and machine learning techniques. The group leads the ESF funded network on Internet Based Complex Decision Support and has participated in several EU projects (MOIRA, BayOff, ...). This is a multidisciplinary group with background in areas such as Statistics, Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Engineering.

Politecnico di Torino (DSPEA)

Location: Italy
Contact: Raffaello Levi
Primary workpackages: WP1

DSPEA (Dipartimento di Sistemi di Produzione ed Economia dell'Azienda) covers teaching, research and consulting in such areas as production engineering, applied statistics, management and economy. Special interests within WP 1: experiments in industry aimed at improvement of product and process, "hands on" introduction of DOE methods to industrial teams enabling them to pursue investigations on their own.

Good Decision Partnership (GDL)

Location: UK
Contact: John Shade

We analyse data, decisions, and processes for our clients. We also provide training and software. Areas of special expertise include process monitoring and adjustment, multifactor experiments, measurement systems analysis, basic applied statistics, computer simulation, use of the analytic hierarchy process, and six-sigma training.


Location: Spain
Contacts: Alberto Luceño, Jaime Puig-Pey

Time series, SPC, Statistical process adjustment, Regression.

Eötvös Loránd University

Department of Probability Theory and Statistics

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Contact: A. Zempléni
Primary workpackages: WP3, interested in WP2, WP4, WP7
Key words: Bayesian statistics, statistical process control, time series, environmental applications

The department has a wide interest, ranging from probability theory to applied statistics. In the field of statistics we have results in spatial-temporal modeling, including Bayesian approach. We have a small consulting group, too.

Universita' di Bologna

Location: Italy
Contact: Alessandra Giovagnoli
Key words: DoE, Sequential experiments, Stochastico orderings

Main research interests: Design of Experiments (J. Statist. Planning and Inf. 1980, 1987, 1998; Biometrika, 1983, 1987, 1996; Comp.Statistics Data Analysis 1989) and Order Relations in Statistics (Linear Algebra Appl. 1985, 1990, 1996; IMS Lecture Notes 1991; Statist. Prob. Lett. 1993, 1995). A recent interest is sequential experiments. Also actively involved in bio-medical and technological applications of statistics.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Location: Finland
Contact: Jukka Salmikuukka
Key words: Production Engineering, Product Performance, Reliability and Risk Management, Intelligent Products and Services, Production Systems, Materials and Structural Integrity.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a contract research organisation involved in many international assignments. With its more than 3000 employees, VTT provides a wide range of technology and applied research services for its clients, private companies, institutions and the public sector. Through creating and applying technology, we actively enhance the competitiveness of industry and other business sectors, and thus increase the welfare of society.
VTT Industrial Systems is one of VTT's six Research Institutes. It has about 600 experts of whom about 60 % have an academic degree. The Institute's activities are focused on developing and applying high technology for products, production systems and related services. Our customers are coming from metals, manufacturing, electronics, energy and process industries. The Research Institute is situated in Helsinki, Tampere and Lappeenranta.


Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto per la Matematica Applicata e le Tecnologie Informatiche

Location: Milan, Italy
Contacts: Antonio Pievatolo, Fabrizio Ruggeri and Carla Brambilla
Key words: Reliability, Data Mining, Classification and regression methods.
Primary workpackages: WP2, WP4

CNR-IMATI, born from the union of CNR-IAMI (Milano), CNR-IAN (Pavia) and CNR-IMA (Genova), started on 15 March 2002. It has now 38 research employees, whereas the whole CNR has 3500. At the Milan branch, some of the main research fields are classification and regression methods, computational statistics, Bayesian decision methods, and stochastic processes, with applications to image classification, model based decision making, and system reliability and quality.

University of Wurzburg — Chair of Statistics

Location: Germany
Contact: Rainer Goeb

The Chair of Statistics is a unit in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. It intends to promote industrial statistics in teaching, research, and consulting. Interests are SPC, SPC in finance, SPC-EPC integration, economic forcasting. The present main objective is to establish a statistical consulting unit as a service for the regional industry.

Technical University Denmark (DTU)

Informatics and Mathematical Modelling (IMM)

Location: Denmark
Contact: Poul Thyregod
Primary workpackages: WP6, WP7

IMM is a Department of the Technical University of Denmark, situated in Lyngby, Denmark. IMM is engaged in activities covering computer science, information processing and data analysis with focus upon applications in industry and engineering sciences. Core competencies in data analysis and statistical engineering including process regulation and monitoring, image analysis and digital signal processing.

University of Cagliari (UNICA)

Location: Italy
Contact: Daniele Romano
Key words: Quality Improvement, Computer experiments, Robust Design, Service Quality

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has a long-standing expertise in a spectrum of fields, such as machine design, energy and environment, innovative materials, manufacturing and production technologies, quality engineering and management, plant engineering. In particular, the mission of the Quality Group is the diffusion of the culture of quality in both product and service sectors, focusing on local SMEs and public organisations.


Location: Portugal
Contact: Pedro Saraiva, Marco Reis
Key words: Quality management, applied statistics, innovative data analysis techniques, applications of statistics in the chemical process industries, process systems engineering
Primary workpackages: WP3

QUAL is one of the leading Quality Management consulting companies in Portugal. With a turnover of about 500 000 EURO in 2001 and 6 full time consultants, QUAL tries to provide a full set of services in the quality field, including the application of applied statistics for process improvement and optimisation.

KPA ltd.

Location: Israel
Contact: Ron Kenett

KPA Ltd. is a management consulting firm with four main areas of activity:
1. Strategic Planning - including real option models, balance scorecards and scenario evaluation.
2. Market Research - including internet based surveys, laddering, quantitative and qualitative analysis.
3. Organizational Development - including manager development programs, performance appraisal systems and employee surveys.
4. Statistical Consulting - including Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control and advanced Industrial Statistics.
The company is involved in Six Sigma initiatives, setting up of comprehensive management systems, cost reduction efforts and specialized statistical analysis in biotechnology, nanocomposites and simulation applications.


Location: Belgium
Contact: Anne De Frenne
Key Words: Data analysis, Modeling, SPC, Design of Experiment, Forecasting, Training

Math-X is a consultant company founded in 1988 providing statistical support for Industry and Service companies at European level. The company is involved in the development of new products (R&D), optimisation of process(Industry) and major business decision. the company has also developed closed contacts with Belgian Universities.

Chalmers University of Technology

Department of Total Quality Managemant

Location: Sweden
Contacts: Bo Bergman, Per Johansson

During the past decade, quality has become an increasingly important concept in organizational development both in industry and in the public sector. The principles that are utilized have been summarized under a number of different headings including Total Quality Management, six sigma programs, Total Process Management and so on. At the department, one research theme utilizes reflective and interpretative studies of quality improvement in organizations and their driving and inhibiting factors, as well as their results, utilizing an essentially social science perspective; what Deming called Profound knowledge is an important basis. Another research theme is the development of methodologies in support of quality improvement activities in organizations. Especially, handling of variation is important both in product development and in the manufacturing areas. Marketing research, Robust Design Methodology, Reliability Engineering, Software Engineering, Tolerance Design and Statistical Process Control are important specialities. This research is based to a large extent on industrial statistics. We are striving to unite these two different research themes. We are planning for an International Masters Program on Quality Technology and Management to be launched 2004.

Ahlemeyer-Stubbe Database Management

Location: Germany
Contact: Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe
Key Words: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Database Marketing(DBM), Data Mining, Data Warehouseing, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Campaign Management, Marketing Automation

Ahlemeyer-Stubbe Database Management is a consulting company (founded in 1999) specialized on Customer Relationship Management and Database Marketing. The core competence includes also Data Mining, Data Warehouseing, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Campaign Management and Marketing Automation. The range of projects goes from developing customer loyalty programs until conception of Data Warehouses and calculating scorecards for several targetgroups by using Data Mining methods.

Bulgarian Statistical Society (BSS)

Location: Bulgaria
Contact: Dimitar Vandev

The Bulgarian Statistical Society represents people interested mainly in Mathematical Statistics and Education of Statistics. It has also some activities in consulting, harmonization of european statistical standards, organizing conferences - e.g.


Location: UK
Contact: Justin Seabrook

Ricardo is a leading engineering technology provider, undertaking research, design and development services to the world's automotive manufacturers. Ricardo employ 1300 people worldwide, the majority in Europe at our UK, Germany & Czech Republic sites. Ricardo has been applying DoE to engine development for over 30 years, and is currently leading a major automotive consortium to develop new tools & techniques.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Location: Norway
Contact: John Tyssedal

The Department of Mathematical sciences has currently about 25 full professors and 20 associate professors. Each year about 50 students receives their master in mathematical sciences from the department, about 80% of these in the Industrial Mathematics program. The number of ph.d. students is about 30. The department is divided into 2 groups, one in mathematics and one in statistics. As comes to research activity in the statistics group it may be divided into three area: Biostatistics, Spatial and Computational statistics and Industrial statistics including reliability analysis and experimental design.

B. Sindahl Consulting

Location: Switzerland
Contact: Bruce Sindahl

B. Sindahl Consulting is an independent consultant company providing statistical consulting services with expertise in the areas of Six Sigma training and coaching, Customer Relations Management (statistical model building), and statistical SAS programming.


University of Naples Frederico II, dept. of Aeronautical Engineering, Research Group on "Statistics, Quality and Reliability"

Location: Italy
Contacts: Pasquale Erto, Stefano Barone

The group (founded and leaded by prof. Pasquale Erto) is composed of four professors and four researchers. The research activity is mainly devoted to:
- Experimental analysis and stochastic modelling of natural, technological and economic phenomena;
- Reliability estimation and evaluation from field data;
- Solution of unsolved problems of classical and bayesian estimation in survival distributions and stochastic processes;
- Quality improvement of new products and processes in development phases;
- Service Quality modelling and analysis;
- RAMS design, evaluation and management in aerospace sector;
A PhD program in Total Quality Management started up at the Department in 1996. Active courses provided at undergraduate level are: Statistics and Calculus of Probability, Reliability Theory, Statistical Methods for Quality Control, Fundamentals and Methods of Engineering Design. The group co-operates with Italian big industries and many SMEs are also in contact thanks to the collaboration with AICQ (Italian Association for Quality Culture).

University of the Federal Armed Forces (UniBW)

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Contact: Detlef Steuer

Main interests are Multi-Objective-Optimization, Experimental Design and Data-Mining and Managing.

Department of Statistics, Athens University of Economics and Business

Location: 76 Patission Str., 10434 Athens, Greece
Contact: Petros Dellaportas

The faculty members of the department of Statistics are active in a vast variety of statistical applications that include financial modelling, risk management, quality control, data mining, etc.  For more information please visit the staff individual web pages.