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Milestones Workpackage Leader (CR) Mission Deliverables Venue Date
WP1 Warwick University and Cambridge University
Design of Experiments Workshop Matforsk 1-Oct-03

 Workshop DEINDE May/June 2003

Workshop Rimini 1-Sep-02

Workshop Varna 26-30-May-02

Case Study Protocol web page

Production of DOE Catalogue

Preparation of Case Study Road Show for Industrial visits

WP2 Eurandom Data Mining/Warehousing Workshop Eurandom 1-May-03

Workshop - conference in Data Mining Leipzig 13th-15th June 02

Industrial Vist AIVE 6th March 02
WP3 Greenfield Research and Universitat Politechnica de Catalunya General Statistical Modelling DOE tools for in house training by companies

Process Modelling & Control Web Library

Article on Pro-ENBIS published in Royal Statistical Society Newsletter UK
WP4 IST Reliability, Safety and Quality Materials - water related issues with statistical input
June/July 2002

Statistical issues in pipelines

Workshop in conjunction with ESREAL 2003

Industrial Visit CORUS 11-Mar-02

Industrial Visit Nestle 14-Mar-02

Industrial Visit Seimens 21-Jun-02

Case Based Reasoning Library

WP5 ISRU Discovering Euro resources & expertise ongoing

WP6 ISRU Drafting & initiating further activity List of potential partners for a Euro Training Network.Trainlist.xls spreadsheet attached
Management Statistics Paper Articles Published

Article for Kakovost (Quality) Journal of Slovenian

Quality Association March 2002

Ref no: 9 77 1318 0000 13

Article accepted for publication in Bulletin of Statistical

Society of Slovenia July 2002

Article for popular press on ENBIS & Pro-ENBIS

Industrial Visits

Workshop "Statistical methods for evaluating the effectiveness of advertising" Rimini 25-27 Sept 2002

Industrial Visits for in-company course series o be held in collaboration with UniLjb in Slovenia Slovenia tba

Futher deliverables - to move forward initiative for a book on Early Contributions of Industrial Statistics Netherlands tba
WP8 ISRU Network Management Network web page

6 month Management Report