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Work Package 6 - To draft a business to business mentoring scheme – Month 12

Mentoring of Small Businesses in Statistical Methods and Six-Sigma

The Business Mentoring Project will support small companies in your locality to work collaboratively, helped by facilitators (i.e. industrial statisticians) supported by bigger ‘host’ best practice companies.

The following Pro-ENBIS and ENBIS Members expressed an interest in collaborating in this project:



Comments (if any)

Anne de Frenne Math X (BE)
Ronald Does IBIS UVA (NL) Already implemented Six Sigma in SME’s
Froydis Bjerke Matforsk (NOR) Experience of running Network Training Programmes. Should be able to provide SME’s too
Andrea Ahlemeyer Stubbe Consultants (GER)
Xavier Tort Martorell UPC ES (ES) Has suggestion for big host company in Spain, already working with them in this area (Spanish branch of Sony or Alstom)
Alberto Luceno UNICAN (IT) Interested in working with local SME’s
Raffaello Levi University of Torino (IT) Working now with SME’s to improve statistical methods
Adam Jednorog CAMT Wroclaw (PL) Use of stats methods by SMEs rare in PL are working with SME now to implement Six Sigma
Irena Ograjensek Uni-Lj (Si)
Maria Ramalhoto Utl (PT)
Henry Wynn LSE (UK) Will provide assistance with getting SME’s on board too
Dave Stewardson UNEW (UK)
Pedro Saraiva EQ UC (PT)

Note the DENBIS (The Danish ENBIS group) may be prepared to be involved.

Invitation to join circulated to the whole ENBIS membership