Pro-ENBIS Administration

We place on this page the basic administration documents and reports. Minutes of meetings are on the meetings page.

Mid Term Project Assessment

The final Report is available here.

The Summary of Actions is available here.

The Mid Term Meeting notes are now available here.

COST statement template

This is a standard EU form and should be used for all claims.

If you have trouble downloading this file, try the right mouse button and "Save Link Target As" giving it a suitable name for an Excel spreadsheet.

The actions required are:

  1. Download template
  2. Complete template as a draft electronic document and forward to the Project Manager at ISRU for approval
  3. After approval, revise if necessary, print out, sign by authorised person and send 2 hard copies to the Project Manager
The Contractual conditions etc may be found on the Cordis web site with reference documents

Please use to access the correct conversion rate from your national currency to the Euro.  Please use the rate notified for January 2004.

Management Report

Management Report Tables

Year 1 Annual Report


Templates for industrial visits and seminars are available in Word format.


A questionnaire for use by partners in all events. Please collate and send the results to the Administrators.   A Word97 version is available here.