Pro-ENBIS Project Meeting held at the Grand Union Hotel Ljubljana, Slovenia on 5th April 2004


Andrea Ahlemeyer Ahlemeyer Business Intelligence
Shirley Coleman University of Newcastle
Oystein Evandt IMPRO
Lesley Fairbairn University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Tony Greenfield Greenfield Research
Laszlo Markus Eotvos Lorand University
Christopher McCollin Nottingham Trent University
Xavier Tort Martorell University of Cataluña
Jorge Muruzabal University Rey Juan Carlos
Irena Ograjensek University of Ljubljana
Marco Seibra Reis University of Coimbra
Soren Bisgaard Invited Expert Pro-ENBIS
Susanna Kunttu VTT Industrial Systems
Poul Thyregod Technical University of Denmark
Dimitar Vandev Bulgarian Statistical Society
Henry Wynn London School of Economics
Andras Zempleni Eotvos Lorand University
  1. Welcomes and Introductions

    The members of the group were welcomed to the meeting and each was invited to introduce themselves to the group. A particular welcome was extended to Laszlo Markus from Eotvos University who was attending his first Pro-ENBIS meeting and to Susanna Kunttu from VTT Industrial Systems who is now the representative for that member. The group were advised that Jukka Salmikukka had now taken up a new position with another company.

    The meeting would be chaired by Shirley Coleman from University of Newcastle. The agenda for the meeting was outlined; there were no additions to the agenda.

    Minutes of the Mid Term Meeting held in Brussels on 2nd & 3rd October 2003 were agreed and accepted as an accurate record

  2. Matters Arising

    The issues that were raised in the notes of the meeting, including feedback from the Project Officer would be addressed in the body of the meeting.

  3. Management Overview

    1. Review of the Mid Term Assessment Report & Year 2 Cost Statements

      The group were advised that the Mid Term Report and Year 2 Cost Statements had been submitted to the Project Officer by the due deadline. The Report and Cost Statements were currently under consideration, it was anticipated that feedback would be received within the next week.

      It was AGREED that comments from the Project Officer would be circulated as soon as received.

    2. E-Tip

      Project Summary and details of results had been entered to the Results Section of the E-Tip.


      Were requested to check their entries and ensure the details are correct and to enter quantified data required (e.g. Number of Product & Process Innovations, New Methods, Scientific Breakthroughs)


      To comment on European interest/experts/collaboration. To include paragraph on the combination of skills and expertise that the project has fostered. To include also a statement covering the European perspective on the issues in industrial statistics. To include a statement on how the use of the results of the project will be disseminated after the end of the project.

    3. Use of Resources: Transfer of Budget and withdrawal from the project

      The use of resources and budget profile for the project were covered under Annex V of the Mid Term Report. The group were advised that a transfer from the LSE (CR36) to Matforsk (CR4) would necessitate a formal contract amendment as the figure constituted more than 20% of LSE’s budget. The group were advised that the Contractors for the project had been written to on 2nd April 04 to gain the agreement of all partners. The Commission would then be formally contacted to instigate the amendment. The group were further advised that the Contractors for the project had also been written to advising them of the withdrawal of 2 members from the project. (Good Decision Ltd and Unversitat der Bundeswehr Hamburg) and again asking for their agreement to the amendment of the contract.

  4. Work Review

    1. Progress to Date

      The group consulted the Overview Table (available at the project web site on

      The group were satisfied that the delivery and the workshops were almost complete. The group AGREED to complete a concrete Action Plan for the remainder of the project and to identify where information relating to the activity was missing on the project web site. It was AGREED that the Co-ordinators would access the web site and identify where links were missing or not working, The Coordinators would liaise with the Project Web Master to clarify where some technical difficulties has occurred.

    2. Feedback from Work Package Leaders

      Work Package 1: Design of Experiments

      Henry Wynn encouraged the group to promote participation in the forthcoming Work Package 1 Workshop on ‘Design of Experiments – Benefits to Industry’. To be held at Matforsk on 13th & 14th May 2004. The event is collaboration between Pro-ENBIS and IBION Biostatistics Network (Norway). The Organising Committee includes Henry Wynn (LSE:CR34) John Tyssedal (NTNU:MB17) and Oyvind Langsrud & Froydis Bjerke (Matforsk:CR4) Full details of the conference including Programme and Abstracts are available on the Pro-ENBIS web site.


      Published articles in the popular press: Henry AGREED to attend to this

      Collaborative papers – Collaborate papers have been written for both the Barcelona conference and published under the special edition of the QREI Journal.

      Industrial Visits - The group were advised that a collaborative industrial visit took place on 16th Sept 2003 with Ricardo Engineering (MB16), LSE (CR34) and Nottingham Trent (MB35) Case study material, Industrial visit report and details are available under the Results Section of the Pro-ENBIS web site.

      Future Plans – It is hoped that the work package will contribute to the forthcoming prestigious MMR2000 event (under the auspices of WP4)

      Work Package 2: Data Mining/Warehousing

      Henry Wynn gave feedback to the group on behalf of Wim Sendon. Wim had commented that he was satisfied with the progress and the positive experience of Work package 2. It was noted that a contribution would be made under Data Mining to the State of the Art book‘ from Paolo Giudici with further input from Eurandom and Andrea Ahlemeyer Stubbe. It was further noted that Paolo has recently published an excellent book on Applied Data Mining and recommended the book to those present.

      Andrea Ahlemeyer Stubbe

      The group was advised that a Data Mining Conference would be held in Leipzig on the 2nd & 3rd July 2004. For the past two years the conference has been supported by Pro-ENBIS. It was agreed that details of the conference would be advertised on the ENBIS web site and also on the interest group web site (there is a reduced fee for ENBIS members) It was further agreed that a clear policy was needed with regard to support/endorsement of events under the ENBIS banner. This would be further discussed at the next ENBIS Council meeting to be held in Copenhagen. It was also agreed that an article would be included in an issue of the ENBIS Newsletter, giving details of the conference and to encourage attendance of ENBIS members.

      Work Package 3: General Statistical Modelling, Process Modelling and Control

      It was re-iterated that the joint Work Package Leaders was Tony Greenfield and Xavier Tort Martorell.

      The discussion centred on recently held workshops held and software developed under this work package. The group were advised that the materials are being used both for teaching at University of Cataluna and at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest. The material has also been used for training external courses at Seimens, BDC etc…a general comment was made that we need to raise the profile of our activities outside of the group. It was noted that Andrea Ahlemeyer Stubbe and Rainer Gob are presenting a joint paper at a conference in Warsaw in June 2004

      Jorge Murazabal (URJC MB13) advised the group that a workshop had been held in Madrid on 11th December 2003. The workshop entitled ’Statistical and industrial applications of Statistics’. The workshop was very well attended with 43 attendees. A fill list of attendees, workshop report and detailed talks are available on the project web site under WP3.

      Marco Seibra Reis (University of Coimbra MB8) advised the group that a workshop was due to be held on 28th April 2004. The workshop is aimed at industrial data and open to both professionals who work in industry and interested students who will work in industry in the future. Industrial visits were planned for the second day of the event on 29th April 2004. Marco was advised to visit the Pro-ENBIS web site to see the information and reports that were required to report the event.

      Andras Zempleni (Eotvos Lorand University MB15) The group was advised that an excellent collaborative workshop had been held hosted by Eotvos Lorand University in collaboration with Pedro Saraiva and colleagues at University of Coimbra (MB8). Invited speakers at the event were Tony Greenfield (CR6) and Ron Kenett (MB32). The group were advised that the software was loaded onto each delegate’s computer and new exercises were included based on talks on co-optimal control charts. The results of the questionnaire were very encouraging with the workshop scoring an average of 4/5. There were a couple of remarks in the feedback about the need for more advanced methods and more theory. The material was translated into Hungarian for the delegates. Day 2 incorporated Clinical Trials this did not score quite as highly as day 1 but it was felt this may have been due to insufficient time another factor may have been that the Metagen material was not tailored to that specific audience. Full details of the workshop, feedback, presentations and photographs would be forwarded to the Co-ordinator immediately for uploading to the results section of the Pro-ENBIS web site.

      The group were advised by Tony that Minitab 14 can be downloaded from their web site and is available free of charge for a 30 day period. Minitab 14 works well with the aluminium wheels simulation material.

      Work Package 4: Reliability, Safety and Quality Improvement

      Maria Ramalhoto (IST CR5) unfortunately could not attend the meeting due to prior commitments. Christopher McCollin (UTN MB35) gave feedback to the group. The group was advised that a joint paper written by IST and UTN would be presented at the forthcoming ESREL conference to be held in Berlin in June this year. Christopher also collaborated in the industrial visit to Ricardo Engineering (detailed under WP1) Some small data sets had been produced and some very interesting points had been raised, in particular predictions in sparse data particularly in areas of reliability. It was noted that this was a good area for a joint project. This also poses the issue ‘what is that managers want from data sets’ this issue should be explored. Christopher Agreed to contact Justin at Ricardo to get some information and to start some discussion. It was noted that the discussion forum on the ENBIS web site could also be utilised. It was further suggested that this could be an area at the forthcoming ENBIS conference. The group were further advised that Rainer Gob has a sketch of a paper in XbarR charts.

      Work Package 5: Discovering European Resources and Expertise

      A database of learning materials with web page links has been drawn up by the Co-ordinator. The list provides a useful list of resource material. The Coordinator will forward this to the web master shortly to be uploaded to the web site. Input and contributions was sought from the group. Members to forward contributions to the Coordinator. A link would also be made to the ENBIS web site. Coordinator would advise the web master. It was re-iterated that more use should be made of the ENBIS discussion forum. – ideas sought on how we promote this.

      Work Package 6: Drafting & Initiating Further Activity

      D6.4 Drafting & Initiating further activity – Draft for starting a European Training Network.

      The group was advised that the Coordinator has drawn up a comprehensive list of training material, software, statistical demos, on-line statistical textbooks and hyper books and statistical links. Please see attached document for full details. It was agreed that the list would initially be circulated to the group for additions comments, the document would then be up-loaded to the Pro-ENBIS web page.

      During the Six Sigma Workshop in Ljubljana on 6th April, several members of Pro-ENBIS formulated a proposal for founding the ENBIS Academy for Six Sigma. It was agreed that UNEW start the process by writing about it on the ENBIS Members Discussion Forum. The following has been placed:

      Dear Colleagues

      At the Ljubljana Pro-ENBIS meeting on 5th April a few of us discussed the idea of setting up the 'ENBIS Academy for Six Sigma'. The Academy would endorse six sigma course material and trainers and hence courses, facilitate sharing material and resources, e.g. Tony Greenfield's simulation package and allow certification. We could start off by defining a range of minimum curriculum requirements and minimum trainer requirements, etc. Soren suggested we could agree guidelines with ASQ or at least benchmark with them. He has a contact if we wish to pursue this route. We should circulate and collect ideas now and have a debate in Copenhagen, then finalise our plans. We need to consider Anne de Frenne's endorsement work. The Academy would be non-profit making, and perhaps have start up money from ENBIS. It could follow on from Pro-ENBIS which finishes in December 2004. ISRU or any other person or group could co-ordinate the Academy and the EU project officer would be delighted that we are continuing the good work of Pro-ENBIS. We would initially request the help and support of all the potentially interested parties who (may) already teach six sigma. Who thinks this is a feasible idea?

      Reply to date

      Dear Colleagues

      I find the idea very good. I think that Europe needs to go deeper in this matter and have the feeling that such a project could be really useful. As an ASQ member I could contribute too to define/agree on guidelines and how-to's.

      D6.1 Draft for developing a European Business to Business Mentoring Scheme

      D6.2 Draft for starting a European Measurement Audit Scheme

      See discussions under Future Plans

      D6.5 Draft for founding a New Journal

      It had previously been agreed that a magazine would be much more popular and reach a wider audience than a journal. The magazine ‘Scientific Computing World’ has agreed that ENBIS can have 4 full pages addressed to those of their readership who are interested in statistical computing. The magazine has a circulation of 15,000 (with a readership of 80,000) it is published every 2 months. The magazine will be free of charge to Pro-ENBIS/ENBIS members. It is imperative that this initiative receives continuing support. The magazine will be used to publish news items but its focus will be case studies. Details of how to subscribe to the magazine are available on the ENBIS web site.

      Articles should be written in the popularist style, to stress the benefits of the use of industrial statistics, do not write as an academic article. Maximum 800 words. To submit to Tony Greenfield by deadline of 28th April for June publication.

      It was suggested that each work package could submit 1 article – Agreed

      Work Package 7: Management Statistics

      The group were advised that work in the framework of WP7 is progressing well. Amongst more recent achievements is a joint paper by Irena Ograjensek (ULJLUB CR29) and Poul Thyregod (DTH – IMMOD MB22) ‘Qualitative vs Quantitative Methods’ which appeared in the January 2004 issue of Journal of Quality Progress. Links to the journal are available at the results section of the Pro-ENBIS web site. There is a further manuscript in progress Jeroen de Mast (IBIS CR10) is taking the lead on this. It was further noted that Soren Bisgaard Pro-ENBIS invited expert has a number of Pro-ENBIS articles. A further journal paper written by Jeroen and Soren would be published in the Journal of Management Statistics in June this year. It was agreed that Soren would email a full list of contributions to the Co-ordinator. The seminar on Six Sigma in Ljubljana (following the Pro-ENBIS meeting) will be another Pro-ENBIS deliverable, in addition to the lecture (seminar) entitled ‘The Scientific and Economic Context of Industrial Quality Improvement’ given by Soren Bisgaard at the invitation of the Statistical Institute at the Faculty of Economics and Statistical Society of Slovenia. The research programme of WP7 will be incorporated into the chapter on Management Statistics of the Pro-ENBIS book.

      Work Package 8: Network Management

      The group were advised that the Mid Term Assessment Report and Year 2 cost statements had been submitted by the due deadline to the Commission.

      It was Agreed that:

      • In cases of published articles where the publisher holds the copyright it is possible only to cite the exact location, journal number, ISSN or ISBN of the relevant article.
      • A hard copy of the relevant article could be made available to the Project Officer if required.
      • If members require a hard copy then this could be made available to them on request
      • The Co-ordinator Agreed to check papers to ensure that all carried the EC Acknowledgement. The appropriate wording is available on the Pro-ENBIS Web site under EC. It was Agreed that the Web Master would be contacted to send an alert to the group to remind them that EC acknowledgement must be shown on documentation


  5. Concrete Work Plan for Remainder of the Project (in summary)


  7. Publications and Periodicals

  8. Report on the State of the Art on Measurement. Business and Industrial Statistics (D8.7)

    Aim and Guidelines

    The handbook is aimed at typical ENBIS clientele, to get a balance between applied and in depth analysis. To inform the industrial statistics community. The book will be 400 pages with a series of chapters.


    The document for detail of Chapters, titles and contributing authors was circulated to the group on 15th April 04. It was agreed that those highlighted in red on the attached document would suggest contents for each chapter (in collaboration with other contributors) and would submit a 1 page synopsis (road map of the chapter) to the University of Newcastle by the deadline of 30th April 04

    Comments on chapters and areas covered:


    Strategy & Criteria for selection of activity and target audience

    See attached document for Strategy & Criteria for selection of activity and target audience

    Comments on activity & target audience


    Mission Statement for the book

    To promote the wider understanding and application of contemporary and emerging statistical methods


    Suggested Title

    The following were suggested:




    Further Issues

    Communications – Effectiveness of web page

    Feedback on the Project web site was very positive. John Logsdon and the Coordinators were thanked for the effort made to upload the project material onto the web page. The members of the group were reminded that reports, agenda and PowerPoint presentations and relevant documentation relating to activities held must be forwarded to the co-ordinator as soon after the event as possible. It was Agreed that all must check their entries on the Results section of the web site to ensure that all details were present and correct. The Co-ordinator would check the web page during the next couple of weeks to check that links to relevant web sites and to documents were working. Subsequent to the meeting the Web Master had advised that a piece of software is available to scan the web page for URLs that were not working, he agreed to investigate this.

    Future Plans

    D6.2 Draft for starting a European Measurement Audit Scheme

    The Group were advised that Christopher McCollin (NTU MB35) is a member of the Committee of the BSI Statistical Standards Committee. It was agreed that Christopher would raise issues at the next committee meeting on the 27th April 04. Oystein Evandt (IPCONS CR27) would email comments on ISO9000 to Christopher. The Co-ordinator agreed to contact Oystein and Christopher to get details of the current issues regarding European Standards

    The following additional members wished to be involved in the EMAS:

    Jorge Murazabal

    Irena Ograjensek

    Marco Seibra Reis

    D6.1 Draft for Developing a European Business to Business Mentoring Scheme

    It was agreed that future development of a B2B Mentoring Scheme could be addressed under the 6th Framework Craft Programme. A number of members of the group advised that they could bring in a SME from their region, including UNEW, LSE, Politechnico di Torino, University of Wurzburg, QUAL.

    It was agreed that Henry Wynn (LSE CR34) and University of Newcastle would arrange a meeting to discuss future funding, including Integrated projects, Networks of Excellence, STREPS, Research Training Networks, Marie Curie. Relevant calls and deadlines would be discussed.

    It was further agreed that the Project Officer Meropi Paneli would be contacted by the Co-ordinator to request advice on suitable calls for this group. The group reiterated that Pro-ENBIS has been a success and the group wished to build on this.

  9. Close

    The group were thanked for their participation in the meeting, some excellent events had been held and further events were planned for the future. Irena was personally thanked for her excellent organisation of the Ljubljana event.