Action list from meeting in Lisbon

Cascais, Portugal
May, 8-10, 2002.

Please see below the main action points raised at the meeting. Please address by deadline indicated.
Notes taken from the Work Package discussions will be sent directly to the work package leaders to assist in the preparation of a status report for each work package these can be placed on the Pro-ENBIS web page via the Co-ordinators.

Communications - Pro Enbis website -

- General description of the Project - ACTION by Co-ordinators - Work Package - a description of each work package including milestones to be placed onto the web ACTION by Co-ordinators
- Actions and deliverables to be placed in password protected area- AGREED
- Input from Work package Leaders on the progress of the work package and activities in progress - ACTION work package Leaders
- To be sent in exact format that you want it to be on the web - AGREED
- Minutes of the meetings to be placed under password protected area- AGREED
- News area - AGREED
- Introduction of the members (in the same format throughout) ACTION ALL
- Networking platform and links to outside agencies/organisations
- Contact page for general enquiries - ACTION by Co-ordinators
- Work packages - Need to check with the Scientific Officer if it is necessary to put the work packages on the public area or if they need to be private - ACTION by Co-ordinators.
- Note: Members only - password protected, each affiliated institute gets a password and a username.
- Need to look at passwords as a general issue under ENBIS - ACTION
- Protocol for discussion forum - message automatically posted onto the forum, responses are hidden, number of replies are indicated. Only a few have used the forum under ENBIS. Nothing for urgent discussion (this will be via email)
- Passwords - Question is it possible to change your password
- Meetings - will be listed ACTION by Co-ordinators
- All the details of future meetings (including agenda) will be posted directly on the web page
- Progress Reports to be posted onto the password protected area

Action by all

Email the following by Wednesday 15th May to the webmaster.
All members and work package leaders to submit information (3 or 4 lines maximum) giving their contact name, web address and general information they are to include key words of their ORGANISATIONS special interests.

Work-package leaders to verify the description of their work-package that is currently on the site. Provide contact information, provide a list of members that participate in your work-package.

Members - if you have not identified a work-package(s) then you need to sign up.

Deliverables - Published Papers et al

- To have a statement of acknowledgement that the work has been supported by the collaborative network. ACTION - Co-ordinators to circulate the wording of the statement to be used.
- Acknowledgements to be put on the paper before the references
- Papers can be tried out at conferences first. AGREED this includes the popular press. Needs to be a collaborative piece of at least 2 authors.
- List of papers to be posted onto the action list on the web page
- If you have submitted a paper need to send a hard copy to the coordinators for the forwarding to the Euro Commission
- Tony Greenfield - RSS general report would be public and would be posted onto the web.
- Dave Stewardson - AGREED to produce a power point presentation as an introduction on ENBIS for the ISI Conference, duration 20 minutes. It was further AGREED that a master copy would be placed on the web for those who travel a great deal. This will be on the web site next week. Ronald will send a draft version to Dave by Thursday/Friday this week
- Industrial visits - are classed as a deliverable, 2 collaborative organisations were to be involved in preparation,
- Henry Wynn to produce a poster for presentation at the RSS

The following is action points only from the meeting, a note of the discussion points will be distributed to each work package leader to act as an aide memoire for the production of a status review of each package to be held on the Pro-Enbis web page

Work Packages (Action List)

- Need to discuss Workshops/Seminar plans as follows:

   ° Workshops month 22 at Matforsk
   ° Workshop in Turin to run alongside DEINDE conference (next meeting will be held in Sardinia during the Summer of 2003) see fuller discussion of co-joining with DEINDE conference in notes to work package leaders
   ° Warwick dates tbc
   ° Rimini - other activities to be planned that will include a poster session for case studies.
   ° Possible short course on DOE
   ° Place Case Studies on the Web Site
- Produce a definite email contact list
- Collate existing research/papers for the DoE work package

- Wim Sendon agreed to take over Project Management
- Eurandom to jointly fund a major workshop
- to utilise existing major important data sets, to utilise Andrea's extensive data mining networks

- Workshops will be ran to suit all levels, duration from 1/2 day sessions to a full 2 days
- Process Simulation Models (games demonstration to be used in workshops/training/industrial visits) available on CD ROM to all Pro -Enbis and ENBIS members free of charge. There are no restrictions for usage but must not be sold to third parties or edited.
- Tony to send copy of his presentation to LF (Tony do you wish this to be put onto a protected site on the web page?)

- ESREAL Conference 2003 (European Safety and Reliability Association) tutorials and workshops have been set up, could include Tony's simulation. ACTION Maria would send copies of the detail of ESREAL to all (Lesley will send to her copy of distribution list)
- Industrial visit to Trondheim has been set up
- Case Based Reasoning Library to be built up, to cut across all work-packages. ACTION to advise Maria of the companies your institution is involved with.
- ACTION to identify sectors to ascertain their needs. Reference list to be put onto the web
- Workshop in Slovenia to include a 'clinic' for companies
- Look into the need for a logo (corporate identity), but also need to use the EU logo on material

- List of journals required by Month 12

- Feedback from discussion paper in the fuller notes.
- ACTION to send further appropriate references to Ronald
- ACTION Ronald and Irena would consider the feedback from the discussion paper and will collate the references. The resulting paper will be submitted to a journal
- Long term objective for all areas to collaborate in a book 'Statistical Road Map for Europe' (to be included in the State of the Art developments WP8)
- To hold workshop on the service sector
- Proposals for other workshops sought
- Joint meeting to be held between ISI and ENBIS in Barcelona (21st/22nd August 2003). Xavier and Albert Pratt (ISI) will be involved as local organisers. Committee to be agreed. Pro Enbis meeting will be held before the main conference
- Agreed to hold a workshop on Key Performance Indicators in the future

Case Studies

- More Case Studies to be put onto the web (in a standard format)
- ISRU, Matforsk and Warwick have suitable case studies
- Case Study template needs to be organised - draft template to include:
   ° What are your KPI's
   ° Practical implications
   ° Manpower
   ° Production planning
   ° Games and interactive pieces
   ° Power point presentation along with experimental design
- Dave to arrange for Case Study from Nestle to be put on the web. Feedback from companies could also be included on the web but we need to ensure confidentiality and that permission to use their company as a case study is sought

Training Network

- Each work package to address training issues and identify, types of training, training needs and delivery methods. To forward input to the Co-ordinators

6th Framework

-Need to look for environmental links now -Reliability - we need to establish whether they wish to link with us -Christine to email all to be involved urgently (the deadline for EOI's is 7th June) - drafts will be forwarded in order to get people signed up by 20th May. - All members agreed to be involved and will respond immediately. - Regulatory framework is needed (for example as with the pharmaceutical industry) need to convince the EU of this - The essential use of statistics in industry also to be incorporated within the Expression of Interest - Comments raised in Patterns in Statistical Consultancy could be included in a Network of Excellence proposal, Ron agreed to send Dave 4 page guidelines - Identify who will be our main competitors (e.g. EFQM, big groups in process control and chemometrics) - State why we are unique - ENBIS there are no similar networks, no other individual specialised group has the combined strength, number of people now involved in ENBIS.

- Letters of support from organisations supportive of the idea of the network of excellence. First stage to list all ENBIS Corporate Members and send letter of support in addition to this we need to contact the Statistical Societies of relevant countries (e.g. The Balkan Statistical Society)

Members to send a few lines to Dave on the key issues that people feel need to be addressed within the 7 areas

Production of Journal(s)

- Decision to be made if we wish to accept mandate for Special Edition of Quality & Reliability International or
- We go ahead with a new journal of European Journal of Business & Industrial Statistics
- Editorial Board to be formed - Action Ronald Does et al
- Henry AGREED to clarify with Nick Fisher if another institute was using the title of European Business and Industrial Statistics and if permission was not sought.
- Ronald Does to progress all issues discussed relating to the production/publishing of the Journal
- Suggestions and Recommendations to ENBIS Council - AGREED to go with the decision of the council
- We will progress Pro-Enbis journal by the start of the New Year

Pro-Enbis Logo

- Tony would progress ideas