Notes of the Pro-ENBIS Meeting held on 25th & 26th April 2003 in Eurandom, Eindhoven


Andrea Ahlemeyer Stubbe, Ronald Does, Oystein Evandt, Lesley Fairbairn, Anne De Frenne, Tony Greenfield, Ron Kenett, Oyvind Langsrud, Xavier Tort Martorell, Jorge Muruz Bal, Irena Ograjensek, Marco Seabra Reis, Jukka Salmikuukka, Pedro Saraiva, Justin Seabrook, Dave Stewardson (Chair), Poul Thyregod, Dimitar Vandev, Henry Wynn, Andras Zempleni, Rob Deardon, Maria Ramalhoto, Rainer Goeb, Paolo Giudici, Christopher McCollin, Adam Jednorog, Fabrizio Ruggeri, Wim Senden.

Apologies for Absence were received from:

Raffaello Levi, John Shade, Alberto Luceno, Stefano Barone, Alessandra Giovagnoli, Daniele Romano.

Day 1

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  1. Welcomes and Introductions
  2. Wim welcomed everyone to Eurandom and wished for a successful meeting

    Dave outlined the proposed agenda but noted that plans were fluid so suggestions and proposals could be incorporated into discussions. The group were advised that an ENBIS Council Meeting would be held on Saturday 26th at 3.00 P.M

  3. New Members
  4. The two new members of Pro-ENBIS were introduced to the group, they are Pavia University, Italy represented by Paolo Giudici and Nottingham Trent University, UK represented by Christopher McCollin.

    Paolo and Christopher were invited to introduce both themselves and their relative departments to the group

    Christopher McCollin - Nottingham Trent.

    He advised the group that he has been a reliability engineer since 1976, involved with aerospace, rail and commercial consultancy. He has written examination papers for the Quality and Reliability Engineering Council for the last 8 years. He is also representative of the Royal Statistical Society for BSI; he is also the ENBIS reliability web-site co-ordinator.

    He is currently co-ordinating URL's and looking for links across Europe for Reliability (also in conjunction with ESREL)

    He proposed to start discussion group regarding common areas of possible research into reliability problems. He is also looking for case studies for reliability in areas such as the effects of short-term management decisions, hazard analysis process & costs, and reverse information handling and no fault founds, no trouble found and common global problems, he does have material relating to UK companies but sought literature from around Europe. Christopher was advised that there is literature available for this. Ron Kenett advised that he could help with this.

    Christopher noted that he needs system access in order to continue improvements to the Reliability on the ENBIS web-site. It was agreed that this would be done.

    Paolo Giudici - Pavia University

    Paolo gave a background to the University of Pavia and The School of Advanced Studies. He is Head of the Data Mining Laboratory in the Faculty of Economics & Quantitative Methods, which is actively involved in both theoretical and applied research in economics and statistics. The group has been part of the ESF funded project on Highly Structured Stochastic Systems and on the EU sponsored network Computational and Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Spatial Data. He is currently carrying out research into statistical models for data mining, marketing CRM problems, quantitative and operational risk management (amongst other things) he noted that banks will have to implement a common standard of risk by 2006. Partner industries include KPMG, Data mining software companies and Vodaphone. He is currently researching a book on Data-mining and writing a paper on machine learning.

    He advised that his contribution to the project would include the opportunity to establish links and work within Work Package 2 and Work Package7

    Christopher and Paolo were thanked for their introductions and welcomed their contribution to Work Package 4, Work Package 2 and 7.

  5. Notes of the last meeting held in Rimini
  6. The notes of the last meeting were accepted as an accurate record subject to the following amend:

    Page 5. Work Package 4 to delete:"An initial approach to SQM library concepts would be discussed at the round table"...

  7. Matters arising
  8. Communications ISRU had taken over the maintenance of the web page it was AGREED that we would take up the offer of support from John Logsdon of Manchester Metropolitan University.

    It was noted that members of Pro-ENBIS need to be more pro-active in visiting the web page. It was AGREED that the changes and additions to the web site should be advised via an email to the group with the URL. It was AGREED that periodic messages would be sent. It was further AGREED that new material should be sent to ISRU (via Matt Linsley or (Lesley Fairbairn

    It was AGREED that the spreadsheet of Work in Progress would be included in the password-protected area of the web page.

    Case Studies

    A round robin of available case studies was taken, the group were advised that 2 further case studies were prepared and 1 more was forthcoming from Eurandom with references to the data sets where they can be obtained. Ron and Dimitar have one to send. The DOE work package will benefit from the DEINDE workshops and case studies will be derived from this.

    Paolo advised the group that he also has case studies. To advise of the format. Existing Case studies can be searched for on the web

    Applying Statistical Methods within Industry: The State of the Art.

    Authors: Soren Bisgaard, Ronald Does, Shirley Coleman and Dave Stewardson.

    The reviewers comments were circulated for information, the initial comments were very promising, noting that all authors were leaders in their field and that the proposal was correct in saying that there is no up-to date book of this kind.

    The reviewer would like an example chapter for the state of the Art. It was Agreed that Soren would be contacted to write a draft chapter.

    ENBIS and Pro-ENBIS Logos

    It was AGREED that this would be discussed at the ENBIS Council Meeting immediately following this meeting

    Work Package 7. The Group were advised that a proposal to write a book entitled The History of Industrial Statistics in Europe may need to be cancelled as they were unable to find a publisher. It was further noted that a collection of historical papers are on what is known as J store on the web this is a database that has papers from Circa 1970's and keeps a downloadable journal library; if it is allowable we could potentially use this for the ENBIS website.

    It was suggested that we might be able to get a subscription to this as a Society, however the cost is prohibitive at 10,000 euros approx. per institution. It was further noted that for a small price you could print off journals at The British Library at Wetherby.

    Virtual society. Andrea advised the group of this and noted that there may be a possibility to publish on the web – Andrea will send the link to Ronald Does.

    Historical analysis of Industrial statistics in Europe. The group agreed that the idea was worth pursuing and Maria agreed to edit this, she requested input from the various countries that may be involved, if you are interested please contact Maria.

    Jeroen noted there are similar initiatives and suggested that Maria could look at this first and see if something has been done earlier. It was further noted that it is important that an indigenous person from that country writes the relevant section, need special stories e.g. Russia and movements that precipitated developments in Statistical Ideas.

  9. Deliverables
  10. Protocol for papers and industrial visits and workshops.

    It was AGREED to send out copy of power-point presentations outlining what is the correct protocol for papers, industrial visits and workshops. It was AGREED that this would be circulated with the copy of the notes for the meeting sent to all Pro-ENBIS members.

    It was AGREED that a pro-forma would be drawn up by ISRU for visits and industrial visits, which would act as a checklist of information required for the project and subsequently as evidence for the European Commission. It was further AGREED that this would be placed onto the Pro-ENBIS web page for all to use, it was further noted that when working with industry you need to check and get the OK from the company concerned before submitting the report to the Co-ordinator for wider dissemination.

  11. Future Meetings
  12. It was AGREED that a future meeting would be held at Matforsk in Norway in May 2004 to coincide with the DOE workshop that will be held at the same time. It was AGREED that a meeting would also be held in Ljubjana.

    Mid Term Assessment Meeting - Agreed that a meeting would be held in Brussels on the 2nd & 3rd October. Anne de Frenne AGREED to organise industrial visits and workshops to coincide with this meeting; she would liase with B.ENBIS and D.ENBIS to organise

    The group was advised that the Scientific Officer would be attending this important meeting, the group would be sent guidelines for the preparation of the meeting to critically appraise the project. It was AGREED that Lesley would send out copies of the guidance notes on Mid-term Meeting that had been forwarded to her for circulation by Meropi.

    It was AGREED that the group would get back to the Scientific Officer, Meropi Paneli to advise of the date of the meeting; Lesley AGREED to do this.

  13. Work Package Discussions - Breakout Session

It was AGREED the work packages would form breakout groups to discuss progress and future plans. It was AGREED that each Work Package Leader would feedback to the group as a whole the following day with a synopsis of discussions.

The group were thanked for their contribution and agreed to meet again at 9.30a.m. the following morning.

Day 2

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The group was welcomed to the meeting and all wished Tony Greenfield a happy birthday.

Feedback from Work Package Discussions held Day 1

Work Package 1: Design of Experiments

Make up of the DOE WP1 Committee are as follows:

Henry Wynn (LSE)
Rob Deardon
Eva Riccomagno
Alessandra Giovagnoli
Grazia Vicario
Oyvind Langsrud
Stefano Barone
Dimitar Vandev
Ulrike Groemping

Mission Statement

Dedicated to the furthering the use of DoE in an industrial and commercial context. The emphasis will be developing concepts, to be of use daily in quality and productivity improvement.

Work Package 2: Data Mining/Data Warehousing

Andrea addressed the group and advised of the following:

Work Package 3: General Statistical Modelling & Process Control Work Package 4: Reliability, Safety and Quality Improvement Work Package 7: Management Statistics

Further future activities

Dimitar advised the group of a conference to be held on 21 -29th June in Applied Statistical Data Analysis entitled 'The 10th International Conference on Probability & Statistics', he is part of the organising committee and noted that papers will be published via a journal entitled Bliska which will be available in English. The cost is inexpensive at 400 euro. There is no workshop organised at the moment but one could be organised. Details of the conference are available on the web at

  1. Sixth Framework Proposals

    Please see attached copy of Power-point presentation given by Dave Stewardson for outline of bidding for funding.

    Issues raised from presentation

  2. Software from WP3

    The software is being made available to Pro-ENBIS, it was noted that the software can be installed in minutes by Ron Kenett who had a plug for lap tops. Alternatively the software can be made available on CD format.

  3. ENBIS Conference to be held in Barcelona August 2003

    Xavier advised the group that arrangements were going well, the final count for delegates would be on 11th May 2003. The conference hotels are near the city centre and the conference venue at the university is 15-20 minutes away by metro. 30 abstracts had been sent with a further 18 to come from the Pro-ENBIS group alone, registrations currently stood at 50 plus a further 15 from the Pro-ENBIS Group. The response from ISI members to the conference had been disappointing with only 2 registrations from outside of Europe (Japan)

    It was generally agreed that the timing of the conference in August is not the best date to hold an event, with many people on vacation. It was agreed that an Email would be sent to David Steinberg of the ISI to advise him of the status of registrations from the ISI and ask him how many registrations he expects to get and to see if there is anything concrete we can do to encourage registration.

    Xavier was thanked for all his hard work on this and it was agreed that all would promote the conference and to generate interest particularly from the industrial sector. It was further agreed that the publicity material include information on events including (if time allowed) information on the forthcoming conference.

  4. Conference at Wroclaw

    Proposal from Wroclaw that they would like to run an industry conference on Six Sigma. The group was advised that they have funds to cover expenses and travel. They would like to invite speakers from the group, the group were further advised to let Adam know who is available in November (date tbc)

    The conference is aimed at industry implementing six sigma and it was anticipated that there would be many participants from industry. The duration will be 1 ½ - 2 days. There will be some interesting practical workshop papers; it is something we could certainly contribute to. If November is not convenient then the end of October is better. It was suggested that Monday 26-27th, may be suitable. Ron, Ronald, Tony and Dave expressed interest. Adam would need 8 speakers. It was agreed that the others will think about it. Details to be sent soon by Adam.

  5. Date of the Next Meeting

    The next meeting of Pro-ENBIS would be held 1 day prior to the Barcelona Conference on the 20th August 2003, Venue and times to be confirmed.

  6. Meeting Close.

    Dave thanked everyone for their contribution and it was agreed by all that it had been a productive and enjoyable meeting, there had been a lot of activity in the project and many things planned for the forthcoming months.