Management Report



CONTRACT N° : G6RT-CT-2001-05059



TITLE : European Network for Promotion of Business and Industrial Statistics





PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR : University of Newcastle upon Tyne




Greenfield Research

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya




Instituto Superior Tecnico

Warwick University

University of Ljubljana


REPORTING PERIOD : FROM 1st Jan 2002 TO 30th June 2002

PROJECT START DATE : 1st Jan 2002 DURATION : 36 Months

Date of issue of this report : 7th August 02

Project funded by the European Community under the ‘Competitive and Sustainable Growth’ Programme (1998-2002)












Contract Number: G6RT-CT-2001-05059

Project Name: PRO-ENBIS

Co-ordinator: University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Management Report: 1st January 01- 31st June 02

European Network for Promotion of Business & Industrial Statistics

To promote the widespread use of sound science driven, applied statistical methods in European business and industry

  1. Technical Overview of the Project
  1. Comparison of Planned Activities and Actual Work Accomplished
  1. Planned Activities for the next period
  1. Management & Co-ordination Aspects

KPA ltd (Israel)

B.Sindahl Consulting (Switzerland)

Ahlemeyer-Stubbe Database Management (Germany)

Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland)


In Summary

The project is progressing well; there are a number of additional outputs to the project including articles for the popular press, papers for delivery at conferences, collaboration on a book on the Origins of Industrial Statistics and collaborative meetings taking place within the membership. See attached schedule for details of further activities.