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Work Package 3

Greenfield Research Ltd
University of Catalonia (UPC)

With support of the growth programme of the European community and the Thematic network.


Design of Experiments simulation software Simulations of 2 manufacturing processes, for aluminium wheels and for oil filters, are provided on a CD. Teaching material is also provided.

The teaching material comprises a guide for instructors and a workbook for students that are provided in PDF format that can be read and printed with an Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reader.

The CD will be marketed across Europe for use by universities, technical colleges, manufacturing companies and consulting and training companies.

The CD will be provided to every contractor and member of Pro-ENBIS at the meeting in Brussels 2nd Oct 2003. They will have free use of it for works visits, workshops and extended courses until the end of the contract period, Dec 2004.  
Work Package 7
7.1 Nick Fisher Performance Measurement software Performance measurement and how to carry out the most advanced performance measurement values. Copies of the software to disseminate across the pro-enbis network