WP7 – Management statistics


WP7 – Management statistics

Workpackage leader: IBIS UvA & SIEF

Participating institutes:
- Ljubljana


Mission: Dedicated to furthering the use of statistics in strategic planning, operational control and marketing in an industrial and commercial context. The emphasis will be on developing concepts for ease of application within the management capabilities of European Industry.

Tasks: Organising workshops, meetings, events. Publishing papers, articles, notes. Organising network meetings on topic.

Research programme

There is a provisional research programme for this workpackage. The central question is: What are the contributions of statistics to management processes in organisations? This question is approached from different viewpoints: the viewpoint of quality management, the viewpoint of economics, an empirical viewpoint, a historical viewpoint, and the viewpoint of statistical programmes. The research strategy is to study the central question from these more limited perspectives. Authors in ENBIS, Pro-ENBIS and beyond are invited to write a contribution on one of the viewpoints. These contributions will be combined in a comprehensive evaluation paper. If you are interested to participate or have comments on the research programme, contact Jeroen de Mast.


Milestones Description Due month
1.1 2 industrial visits completed 18
1.2 2 journal case studies submitted 24
1.3 2 workshops completed 30
1.4 4 industrial visits completed 30
1.5 2 paper articles published 36